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For many years Waco Cardiology Associates has been honored to provide care that is compassionate and respectful to our patients and their family members, while striving daily to offer the most feasible treatment plans available.

Arterial UltrasoundOur physicians, nurses and technicians are highly trained in the field of Cardiology and possess a detailed understanding of the causes, treatment and prevention of heart disease. Because cardiovascular disease tends to be associated with secondary /subsequent health problems, Waco Cardiology Associates' wealth of knowledge enables us to tailor and individualize treatment plans for all our patients.

Treadmill Stress Test

Since beginning our practice in 1974, our main focus and interest have centered on modern technologies for cardiac services. We strive daily to be the front-runner in offering Central Texas the most up-to-date service(s) available.

In recent years, our practice has grown to encompass not only McLennan County, but seven additional counties as well. Thus, enabling us to help patients throughout Central Texas with cardiac events, and additionally educating them with the importance of healthy life styles, daily exercise, stress reduction and a well-balanced diet.

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Our in-house full service Cardiovascular Imaging facility provides a wide range of comprehensive diagnostic testing:

Nuclear Stress
Treadmill Stress
Arrhythmia Monitoring

Nuclear Stress

Our Vascular Program, which is ICAVL Accredited, offers:

Peripheral Vascular Studies
Abdominal Aorta Ultrasounds
Bilateral Iliac Ultrasounds
Cerebrovascular Evaluations
Arterial Evaluations

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